It's not meat, but it works just as well

Rush-hour Remedies

November 12, 1997|By Maria Hiaasen

* Item: Green Giant Harvest Burgers for Recipes

* Servings per package: 12 ounces or 6 servings

* Cost: $2.99

* Preparation time: varies with recipe.

* Review: Here's a convenient, fat-free, low-cholesterol alternative to crumbled ground beef for use in sauces and casseroles. This frozen, prebrowned soy protein resembles the genuine article and was priced a bit higher than ground sirloin at my grocer. Its springy texture won't fool sophisticated palates, but it shouldn't offend them either. Flavored with dried onion and garlic, two cups of the Harvest Burger tasted fine in a taco filling and worked even better in spaghetti sauce. What's more, no one in my family noticed a difference. Kudos to Green Giant for placing it in a resealable plastic bag.

Pub Date: 11/12/97

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