Leon Forrest,60, a novelist who used...


November 11, 1997

Leon Forrest,60, a novelist who used stream-of-consciousness, jazz-like prose to convey the breadth of the black experience, died of prostate cancer Thursday in Evanston, Ill.

The son of a railroad bartender was a professor of English and African-American Studies at Northwestern University. He wrote four novels, "There is a Tree More Ancient Than Eden," "Divine Days," "The Bloodworth Orphans" and "Two Wings to Veil My Face."

Cyreld Spiller,89, a boutique owner who supplied gowns to Audrey Meadows and other celebrities for more than five decades, died Saturday in Brookline, Mass., after a brief illness.

Maria de Lourdes,58, a famed Mexican ranchera singer, collapsed at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport and died Thursday morning. Polydor, which handled her records in Mexico City, said she died of a heart attack.

Henry Bradford Darrach Jr.,76, who covered Hollywood celebrities for Time, Life and People magazines and was the first reporter to get Marilyn Monroe to talk publicly about her traumatic childhood, died of a heart attack Nov. 3 in Los Angeles. His first reporting job was in 1943 for the Providence Journal. He later moved to The Sun and then to Time magazine.

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Pub Date: 11/11/97

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