Report card

November 10, 1997

Running backs

The Ravens never got Bam Morris into the game. Morris, though, ran well the few times he did carry the ball, but he needs to do a better job of pass blocking. -- C


Though he had the flu, there is no excuse for starter Vinny Testaverde throwing two interceptions into double coverage. Backup Eric Zeier was not effective in the second quarter and seemed to get nervous too quickly under pressure. -- D-


The only one who showed up was Derrick Alexander. Slot receiver Jermaine Lewis seems to be intimidated going over the middle. Neither of the reserve receivers, James Roe or Ryan Yarborough, could come up with big plays. -- D

Offensive linemen

This unit never got much of a chance to get involved. Testaverde's interceptions had them on their heels pass blocking most of the game, and their forte is run blocking. Actually, the pass protection wasn't bad considering Pittsburgh came hard almost every play. -- C+

Defensive linemen

The front four was effective, even though the Steelers' Jerome Bettis rushed for 114 yards. Like most of the defense, they wore down because the offense couldn't control the ball. -- B


If Ray Lewis wasn't all over the field, the Ravens might have lost, 50-0. Rookie outside linebacker Peter Boulware hurt the team for the second straight week with a late hit on the quarterback. He needs to learn he is in the NFL, not at Florida State. -- C+

Defensive backs

Cornerback Eugene Daniel didn't have a good day matching up with wide receiver Yancey Thigpen. The Ravens' safeties were slow coming up on the run, but they were the least of the team's problems. -- C

Special teams

They didn't contribute much one way or the other. But at least they didn't give up much yardage on kickoff returns. Their best weapon, Matt Stover, only got on the field to kick off in the second half. -- C

Pub Date: 11/10/97

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