Victoria A. Tolbert,81, the widow of slain Liberian...


November 10, 1997

Victoria A. Tolbert,81, the widow of slain Liberian President William R. Tolbert, died of a heart attack early yesterday in Minneapolis. Mr. Tolbert was killed in 1980 in a coup led by Samuel Doe, who in turn was killed in 1990 shortly after President Charles Taylor launched a civil war to end Doe's dictatorship. Tolbert, who became president in 1971, was the last descendant of Liberia's founding freed American slaves to lead the country. Mrs. Tolbert was imprisoned after her husband's assassination and eventually put under house arrest before she was allowed to leave for the United States.

Paul Ricard,88, France's aperitif king and one of its richest and most influential men, died Thursday night in Paris. He devised the recipe of Ricard pastis in 1932. It soon became market leader in the south, where the pastis aniseed drink is a regular afternoon tipple, as well as in Paris. His "Pastis de Marseille" brand is sold in 150 countries.

Pub Date: 11/10/97

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