November 06, 1997

Questions and answers about Davey Johnson's resignation as Orioles manager:

Why did Johnson quit?

Johnson's relationship with Orioles owner Peter Angelos had deteriorated. Apparently not wanting to be a lame-duck manager in the last season of his contract in 1998, Johnson had asked Angelos for an extension or a buyout two weeks ago. Angelos had shown no inclination to grant either.

What were the apparent main points of contention?

Angelos was displeased that Johnson had raised the question of his status in July, saying he needed to reach the World Series to keep his job. Johnson's handling of a $10,500 fine to second baseman Roberto Alomar in July also bothered the owner. Johnson issued the fine without first notifying team officials. On Oct. 28, it was revealed that Johnson had directed Alomar to pay the fine to a charity that lists the manager's wife as a primary fund-raiser. Angelos wanted Johnson to apologize for what the owner considered a conflict of interest.

Was there a buyout of the final year of Johnson's contract?

No. He has requested only any outstanding expenses from this season.

Who will replace Johnson?

Two members of the Orioles staff, pitching coach Ray Miller and hitting coach Rick Down, seem to be the front-runners.

What about the timing of Johnson's resignation?

He may have wanted out before the managing jobs with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Toronto Blue Jays and Chicago White Sox were filled.

Where is Johnson likely to end up?

Johnson appears most interested in the Toronto job.

What immediate effect could Johnson's resignation have?

Orioles free agents Brady Anderson and Randy Myers may be less likely to re-sign with the team.

Pub Date: 11/06/97

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