The fine art of dressing for the galleries

November 06, 1997|By Elsa Klensch | Elsa Klensch,Los Angeles Times Syndicate

I'm dating a talented young artist I met when I modeled for his drawing class. To celebrate our first few months together he is planning a romantic weekend in Paris where he wants to show me his favorite galleries and museums. As much as I hate to admit it, I know very little about art, Paris or dressing to go to galleries.

What should I wear? I really want to stand out and make him proud of me.

The best way to stand out in an artistic crowd is to wear graphic clothes and accessories.

New York designer Michael Kors suggests taking a lesson from the modern Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, who had an enormous influence on fashion.

His paintings are constructed with horizontal and vertical lines that mark rectangles of primary colors with black, white and gray.

"Mondrian's work was my inspiration for fall," he tells me. "In a season of black clothes I wanted a bold and graphic look. I found that a colored piece like a skirt emphasized the linear shapes which are so important.

"This is one of many ways to give modern clothes an artistic edge."

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Pub Date: 11/06/97

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