Columbia physicians, Hopkins in partnership

Maryland Watch

November 06, 1997

The Johns Hopkins University and Milles, Oken and Seals have created a partnership expanding the physicians' internal medicine practice in Columbia.

The partnership, announced yesterday, gives Hopkins a minority interest in the Howard County practice.

In return, Hopkins agreed to establish specialty clinics, preventive care programs and a clinical research center staffed by Hopkins faculty and Howard County physicians.

Hopkins said it will lease space at 5900 Cedar Lane in Columbia, near Howard County General Hospital, to provide space for the clinics.

Specialty services to be offered at the clinics are expected to include electrophysiology, pediatric and women's orthopedics, sports medicine, neuro-degenerative diseases, heart disease and AIDS care, the partners said.

Community health education programs, chronic pain evaluation, stress management, a mind-body clinic and nutrition programs also are planned.

And, the partnership might eventually include a geriatric network in Howard County.

Pub Date: 11/06/97

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