Witnesses describe masked intruders One suspect believed to be alleged kingpin

November 05, 1997|By Michael James | Michael James,SUN STAFF

Recalling a night of terror in an East Baltimore rowhouse, witnesses testified yesterday about how two intruders wearing masks of U.S. presidents fatally shot a drug dealer 12 times during an execution allegedly carried out by the Anthony Ayeni Jones ring.

"I looked over and saw a guy standing in the doorway, wearing a Ronald Reagan mask and holding a gun in his hand," said Lynnette Fullwood, the girlfriend of the man who was killed, Keith "Shugg" Westmoreland. "It looked like he was holding a 9 millimeter."

The reconstruction of the Oct. 25, 1994, killing was a key event in the two-month racketeering and narcotics trial in U.S. District Court in Baltimore, where nine of Jones' suspected lieutenants are on trial, accused of running one of Baltimore's most vicious drug rings. More than a dozen people were slain in the alleged group's eight-year history.

Westmoreland's death is key because prosecutors believe one of the gunmen behind the masks was Jones. A Baltimore police crime lab scientist testified yesterday that Jones, arrested within hours as a suspect, had gunshot residue on his hands.

"There was a substantial amount on both of his hands," the scientist, Daniel Van Gelder, testified.

Westmoreland, who ran his drug market at Preston and Mulberry streets, was with Fullwood and their 14-month-old daughter at their home in the 1200 block of N. Gay St. when the masked men barged inside. At least four others were sitting on or around a bed watching television with them in a second-floor bedroom when the man with the Ronald Reagan mask appeared, Fullwood testified.

According to her testimony, people in the room didn't take the masked man seriously at first. Then Westmoreland, realizing the gravity of the situation, jumped to his feet and said, "What are you doin', man?" testified Shamica Graham, another witness.

Westmoreland pushed the masked man out the bedroom door and the two tumbled down the stairs, Graham said. Within moments, "You could hear all these gunshots. At least nine or 10," Graham said.

Neither Graham nor Fullwood was able to see the second man, who they said was waiting outside the door. But federal prosecutors Jamie M. Bennett and Robert R. Harding said that based on information from informants, they believe a second gunman also was wearing a mask of a president.

The suspected second man is Darnell "Mookie" Jones, Anthony Jones' cousin who is also on trial, accused of being an enforcer for the gang. Darnell Jones is alleged to have killed two people in "hits" for the gang, and earlier in the trial was identified by a trial witness as having made a death threat to him while he was testifying.

Arcangelo M. Tuminelli, Darnell Jones' lawyer, told Jones to stand up in court yesterday to illustrate that he didn't fit the description of the man wearing the Ronald Reagan mask. Fullwood testified the man was more than 6 feet tall. Darnell Jones is well under that height.

"The person you saw was tall," Tuminelli said to Fullwood. "Certainly, taller than this man?"

"Yes," Fullwood replied.

Prosecutors said they had no eyewitnesses who saw the other masked man. But Fullwood said she and the others in the bedroom huddled together and heard two sets of footsteps run out the back door after the shots were fired.

Several minutes later, she screamed out a window for someone to call police. She then went to the foot of the stairs and found Westmoreland, the father of her child, lying on the floor.

"He wasn't moving," she testified. "Only his eyes were moving."

Pub Date: 11/05/97

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