Expanded garage now in use at BWI

Maryland Watch

November 05, 1997

After months of phase-ins, the $37.2 million garage expansion at Baltimore-Washington International Airport is finally complete and open.

The expansion, which began in April 1996, more than doubled the size of the previous garage to 5,600 spaces, including 1,000 on Level 3 for rental cars. It was prompted by a surge in passengers, which had created a shortage of parking spaces close to the terminal. Between 1994 and 1997, traffic jumped from 10 million passengers to 13.8 million.

Two stories of the garage were extended outward and two new levels were constructed on top of the facility. Each level of the six-level facility is color-coded and has a symbol, such as a hot air balloon or a biplane, reflecting a period in aviation history.

Current construction includes road improvements and a new international terminal scheduled to open in early December.

The garage has a moving sidewalk on the basement level that connects to the main terminal.

The first half-hour of parking in the garage will continue to be free. Each additional half-hour will cost $2. The fee for 24 hours is $15.

Pub Date: 11/05/97

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