Johnson must goDavey Johnson could not manufacture a run...


November 02, 1997

Johnson must go

Davey Johnson could not manufacture a run if he sold nylon stockings. In the last 10 playoff games, there were two bunts and three steals.

In 1996, Johnson had a team that broke the home-run record. In 1997, he had the best team in defense and the best pitching staff in baseball. Both year the Orioles were also-ran teams.

Orioles players have found a way to get to the World Series -- be traded to another team. Each of the past two years, there were five or six ex-Orioles in the World Series. Peter Angelos spent $60 million to build a race car and hired a cab driver to drive it for him.

The World Series is the real joke. The past four years the two best teams have not been there. When Johnson comes back this year, the people of Baltimore can break out the banners that say, "Wait Until Next Year!"

Bill Williams

Baltimore Peter Angelos was successful in making himself a tremendous fortune by representing a large group of individuals suffering from asbestos-related illness for whom he won modest compensation, but he had no baseball experience, and he continues to demonstrate that he is lacking the necessities to be a pro-active owner.

After rescuing the Orioles from another troubled owner, Angelos has run off some very good baseball people, and he's about to do it again.

The Orioles over the years had a well-earned reputation as a quality organization, whose alumni have gone on to success elsewhere. Today, with Angelos' meddling, they are faced with the loss of the Manager of the Year, which may well prompt the resignation of the general manager, and the loss of two key players who were close to the manager and who have become free agents.

Question: Who would want to become part of Angelos' team?

Answer: No one with other options.

A5 We don't need a new manager, we need a new owner.

Bob Gladden

Severna Park

Don't blame charities

It is unfortunate that Peter Angelos and Davey Johnson are using a charitable gift as possible leverage in a desire to play out their professional differences in the media. The issue regarding Mr. Johnson's job security needs to be addressed by Orioles management behind closed doors. It should not be rhetoric for debate about the merits of charitable giving.

Combined Health Agencies of Maryland and its 24 affiliated health service agencies consider the conduct of Mr. Johnson and Mr. Angelos irresponsible. They -- and your readers -- must understand that a charitable gift is one that is made from the heart and soul. It is not a gift that is coerced or forced.

Let us hope the matter between Mr. Johnson and Mr. Angelos is quickly resolved. Too much is at stake for nonprofits that depend

solely on charitable gifts for it to continue.

Mel Tansill


The writer is Public Affairs Director of Combined Health Agencies of Maryland

Don't forget fans

As I listen to the continuing saga of Peter Angelos vs. Davey Johnson, I get more and more disgusted. How can Angelos even consider firing Johnson? Would you be embarrassed to fire the Manager of the Year? Obviously not, or this situation would not have gotten as far as it has. You may own the Orioles' franchise but I think you're forgetting who pays the players' salaries. Us, the fan, day after day after day.

You are one lucky man to have a town support its ballclub as it does. That is probably what enticed you in the beginning, when you considered buying the team.

Rumor has it that Brady Anderson is probably gone, Randy Myers is probably gone, Rafael Palmeiro is on the trading block and you want to get rid of Johnson. You're doing a great disservice to yourself as well as this town. You start getting rid of the people as mentioned above and you'll have a fat chance of winning the World Series next year. Get with the program. It is a shame you don't have the same amount of sense as you do dollars.

Eileen Weber


Just manage, Davey

I have thrashed Peter Angelos when I thought he was wrong, and I will back him when I think he is right. I still think the best addition to the Orioles in the past two years was hiring Davey Johnson as manager. However, his present posturing is nothing less than greed.

A contract is a contract! There is no need to renegotiate Johnson's contract. He is signed through the 1998 season to manage the best team in the American League. Amen!

Larry Norwood


Bring back Johnson

Ken Rosenthal's column on Oct. 22 about Bobby Bonilla, Davey Johnson and Peter Angelos was in poor taste. Who really cares what Bonilla does in the World Series, and why does Mr. Rosenthal feel the need to bring up what Johnson and Angelos are thinking as they watch Bonilla play?

If it is true that there is friction between Angelos and Johnson, then Mr. Rosenthal's column does not help ease the tension. Write something positive and quit trying to make the situation worse.

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