One more reason for U.S. to pull out of U.N.As the morally...


November 02, 1997

One more reason for U.S. to pull out of U.N.

As the morally bankrupt and corrupt hierarchy in the United Nations continues to demand largess from our wimpish government, reports of new atrocities committed by U.N. mercenaries continue to surface.

The mainstream media, on the whole always ready to attack militias and Second Amendment advocates, has remained silent and has censored the politically incorrect subject of U.N. evils.

Village Voice reporter Jennifer Gould published reports of U.N. Belgian "Peace Keepers" engaging in atrocities in Somalia, where Belgian soldiers were caught holding a Somali child over an open flame.

A picture of this was depicted on the cover of the June 24 Village Voice. Other series of photographs show U.N. soldiers kicking and stabbing a Somali.

On Aug. 8, Italian military officials admitted that Italian soldiers assigned to U.N. duty in Somalia had also tortured and otherwise abused Somali civilians.

Abusive behavior of U.N. troops has occurred in Bosnia, Cambodia, Liberia, Rwanda and elsewhere.

How long will the United States continue to support an organization which engages in such barbarous activity?

We should insist that the United States get out of the U.N. and remove "the Glass Menagerie on the East River" from our sovereign soil.

Ruth Schriver


State wants and needs slots at race tracks

Slots will remain an issue as long as Joe DeFrancis, along with other well-known names, keeps up the heat.

"Tiny" Delaware took in more than $3 billion in its trial year for slots in 1996. The money benefitted not only racetracks, but the whole state.

What amount would Maryland bring in in its trial year (with slots at Pimlico, Laurel, Rosecroft, Ocean Downs, Delmarva and Timonium)?

The Maryland Million at Laurel gave the impression all was well because the entire race card was absent of invaders. If the big race had a purse of $500,000, it would create interest.

Many Maryland-based trainers have been running their horses at Delaware Park since slots improved purses there.

Pimlico nor Laurel have yet to endure what Delaware Park faced not long ago. Bowie and Havre de Grace have.

It is a miracle Delaware Park rose from the dead. There are names behind the miracle: William M. Rickman, Jr., Gov. T. R. Carper and slots, as part of the Delaware Lottery.

Let us hope Maryland's next governor can see the light. Maryland's present governor is only concerned with the light that shines on him.

Give the people what they want: Slots.

Britt A. Martin


Charter board doesn't suffer from dissension, its chairwoman declares

Recently, three of the nine members of the appointed Carroll County Charter Board stated, in two separate newspaper articles, that there is dissension on the board.

As chair of this board, I have not detected dissension. There has been healthy debate on many issues, but I do not see that as the discord that Ann Ballard, Jack Gullo Jr. and Christopher Nevin would have the public believe.

As a board, we have a tremendous task before us. This awesome responsibility requires long hours in reading, comparing and inquiring of other charters so that we may produce the best governing document for our county.

If the majority of the board's members were asked, I'm confident there would be full agreement that we have been working well to accomplish this goal.

These statements of dissension have come from left field, leaving me incredulous. At no time, at any meeting, has any member expressed the sentiments as stated in the newspaper articles.

Each and every one of the issues that we discuss for the proposed charter is just as important as the next. With board meetings conducted every Thursday evening, it is nearly impossible that every member is going to be present when things were voted upon. Nothing would be accomplished.

This was understood by each of the members when I suggested, and we unanimously agreed, to meet once a week in hopes of getting the charter completed as expeditiously as possible.

The misrepresentation by this board's vice chair that I was unethical in presenting a motion and garnering a positive vote when there was a quorum present insinuates that I knew how the members of this board would vote.

Therefore, in his accusation, a finger was not only pointed at me, but also at those who voted in favor of requiring a super-majority council vote on any proposed property tax increase.

Furthermore, Mr. Nevin's complaint implies that there was a set-up on this issue. There was not. I had no idea how the members would vote on this measure, which is designed to protect the homeowners in Carroll from unnecessary tax imposition by an elected County Council. Nor did they know I was going to make the motion. There was nothing unethical about the motion, the way in which I presented it or how it was voted upon.

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