Picky PickyON A recent Friday at the Northern District...


November 02, 1997|By TaNoah Morgan Take off that hat

Picky Picky

ON A recent Friday at the Northern District police station in Brooklyn Park: A father and son walked in and headed for the alcove where the candy and soda machines are. The little boy, fair-haired and barely above his father's knee, stood at the soda machine with his finger in his mouth as his father asked several times what kind of soda he'd like; Dr Pepper or Coke. He didn't say a word, so dad punched the Dr Pepper button.

Moments later, a friend of Dad's walked into the room and headed for the soda machine. The boy ran in front of him, rose on his toes, lifted his hands far overhead and touched the large Pepsi button.

"That's the right one," he announced -- too late.

IN A South County school Wednesday, an administrator stood in a hallway between periods as students rushed by. Some had hats pulled down low on their heads, in defiance of a new dress code that went into effect in September banning hats, short shorts, and midriff-bearing shirts. As the administrator made about the fifth request in a row to a boy to remove his knit cap -- he muttered under his breath, "This [hat wearing] wasn't a problem for me last year. Really, I think it's a waste of time."

Elaine Tassy

Has he got a license? Sure

DISCOVERED AMONG reports that came to police headquarters this week:

An officer approached a car because it was stopped in the bus loop at the Cromwell light rail station and asked the driver for his license. The man gave the officer two Maryland driver's licenses.

The officer confiscated one, then ticketed the man for having more than one license.

TaNoah Morgan

Mike's problem

CALLS COME into The Sun's Pasadena bureau all the time from readers seeking help and advice. Voice mail garbled one such call recently, letting through only the sketchy information that someone named Mike at a 688 exchange wanted to talk with someone about a problem.

A helpful staffer called.

"Do you have any idea who you've called?" the person at the other end of the line responded. "There's no Mike here, and I doubt they'd call you with a problem if there were."

"So what? Is this like NSA or something?"

Exactly. 688 is the exchange for the National Security Agency. And if there is a Mike there who called the newspaper, he may really have a problem now.

Rosemary Armao

Planters for sale

THERE'S NO kitchen sink but there are two porcelain toilets for sale outside a green house in the 800 block of Stevenson Road in Severn. They have been propped against the mailbox stand with a hand-lettered "For Sale" sign for months now. No takers, apparently. The owners might take a hint from neighbors around the corner on Quarterfield Road. They turned a toilet bowl into a planter in their yard.

Tanya Jones THE BUSIEST spot in Anne Arundel County Friday may have been the Party City store in Pasadena, Halloween Central. Parking was impossible around the store as hordes rushed in for last-minute costumes and face paint.

In the store's crowded costume aisle, a frazzled young mother scanned the wall for ideas acceptable to her 4-year-old son. He had wanted to be an ER doctor, but that costume was sold out.

"What about Power Rangers?" he whined from his seat in the empty shopping cart.

"Sold out."

"What about Superman?"

"$20? I'm not paying $20 for Superman," Mom answered.

"I want Spiderman."

"No, I don't want your face covered like that."

"Why can't I be a Power Ranger?"

Finally, the mother pointed to a Captain Hook costume.

"Now, is this OK?" she asked.

The tired kid nodded.

"My head is pounding," the mother said as she prepared to wheel away.

Cheryl Tan

Pub Date: 11/02/97

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