Here is how members of Maryland's delegation on Capitol...

Votes in Congress

November 02, 1997|By Roll Call Report Syndicate

Here is how members of Maryland's delegation on Capitol Hill were recorded on important roll-call votes last week:

Y: Yes N: No X: Not voting

House: Nuclear waste

Voting 307 for and 120 against, the House passed a bill (HR 1270) designating U.S. property near Yucca Mountain, Nev., 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas, to begin receiving the nation's nuclear waste by 2002 for temporary storage. Radioactive material from scores of commercial power plants and military facilities would be stored there, above ground, until permanent underground burial begins in 2015 or later at a nearby site. Tens of thousands of metric tons of waste would be shipped to the remote site by rail and truck.

A yes vote was to pass the bill.

Y N X Member

Y * * Ehrlich, Robert L. Jr., R-2nd

Y * * Hoyer, Steny H. D-5th

Y * * Bartlett, Roscoe G., R-6th

Y * * Wynn, Albert R., D-4th

Y * * Cardin, Benjamin L., D-3rd

* N * Cummings, Elijah E., D-7th

Y * * Gilchrest, Wayne T., R-1st

Y * * Morella, Constance A., R-8th

Senate: Line-item veto

Voting 69 for and 30 against the Senate achieved the two-thirds majority to block President Clinton's veto of 38 spending items in the Fiscal 1998 Military Construction Bills. If the House also passes the disapproval measure [S-1291], the spending will proceed. This was Congress' first vote on overriding the new presidential power to veto specific parts of an overall spending bill.

A yes vote supported spending for 38 vetoed projects in 23 states.

Y N X Member

Y * * Mikulski, Barbara A., D

Y * * Sarbanes, Paul S., D

Pub Date: 11/02/97

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