Paint-ball competition in the rain raises $375


October 30, 1997|By Ed McDonough | Ed McDonough,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

SATURDAY'S rainy weather dampened the turnout, but not the enthusiasm of nearly two dozen paint-ball aficionados who did battle on a field between Harney and Taneytown.

The event was staged to help raise money to fight multiple sclerosis and was an outgrowth of the annual UGLY Bartender Contest, in which restaurants and taverns battle to raise the most money for charity.

The paint-ball competition was expected to draw enthusiasts from several establishments along with a group of paint-ball regulars. The combination of bad weather and a tournament with cash prizes slated for the next day cut participation, said organizer Amy Goldsmith.

Bachman Valley Inn of Melrose fielded a team, and enough other players arrived to raise about $375.

"These guys were great," said Goldsmith, who owns the paint-ball field. "They had a good time."

Popa's Paint Ball Plantation is on Walnut Grove Road between Taneytown and Harney and opened about six months ago after relocating from Silver Run.

Participants shoot air guns loaded with small balloons filled with paint at opponents and try to capture a flag. The game started several years ago in wooded areas as a sort of hide-and-seek, but now facilities replicate villages.

Popa's is a speedball field -- an open meadow shaped like a boomerang with a flag at the intersection of two angled fields.

"Speedball is more about angles and geometry," Goldsmith said.

Popa's is one of two insured paint-ball battlegrounds in Northwest Carroll. The other, on Bear Run Road near Mayberry, is owned by the people at Tony's Paint Ball Supplies in Westminster, which supplied much of the equipment for Saturday's charity event. C & O Distributors in Westminster also supplied two 50-pound carbon dioxide tanks.

Goldsmith said Popa's is used monthly for competitions, and is rented for birthday and bachelor parties. The facility can accommodate up to 18 five-member teams for one event.

Events are scheduled through the National Amateur Paintball Players Association. Next spring, Goldsmith said, her facility will hold half of a two-day tournament with cash prizes and trophies. After a competition at a nearby wooded field, the tournament will conclude at Popa's with speedball competition.

Information: Goldsmith at 410-751-0356, Tony's Paint Ball Supplies, 410-876-3844.

HolyWeen party

Messiah United Methodist Church, 25 Middle St., Taneytown, puts a different spin on Halloween festivities tomorrow night.

Children and teens are invited to dress as a favorite saint or Bible character and come to a party at the church from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Organizers ask each child to bring a bag of candy for admission. Games, refreshments and activities will be provided.

Send that information

Schools, churches and service groups from around Northwest Carroll should send information on activities to P.O. Box 237, Taneytown 21787, or call 410-751-1007. I will include it in this column or make sure it runs with Northwest news weekdays in this section.

A shortcut: Put me on the mailing list for your school newsletter or weekly church bulletin.

Pub Date: 10/30/97

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