Elderly lose thousands to people posing as government officials

October 30, 1997|BY A SUN STAFF WRITER

Baltimore police are investigating two unrelated cases in which they say people posed as government workers and stole or bilked elderly residents out of thousands of dollars.

In one case, police said an elderly man gave a woman $16,000 after she knocked on his door at the Marlborough on Eutaw Place and told him he had overdrawn his Social Security and would get cut off if he didn't make amends.

Officer Angelique Cook-Hayes, a police spokeswoman, said the woman has bilked several residents at the apartment complex out of money using the same story in the past few days. The woman is described only as well-dressed.

In a separate case, police said a man posing as a building inspector and wearing a blue and green maintenance uniform knocked on the door of a 75-year-old woman's Southeast Baltimore house Tuesday and told her that the state would give her $40 to repair a hole in her ceiling.

Police said the man showed the woman a $100 bill and asked for $60 in change. The woman retrieved an envelope with $3,000 and placed it on a table. Police said the man diverted her attention by asking her to walk outside and inspect the rest of the house on South Bond Street.

Police said the man stole the cash from the envelope. Investigators said they do not know whether others were victimized in the area.

Pub Date: 10/30/97

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