Couple robbed and kidnapped are unharmed after harrowing ride across two counties

October 29, 1997|By Dail Willis | Dail Willis,SUN STAFF

Two men who robbed, kidnapped and carjacked a Woodlawn couple got tangled in a two-county comedy of errors early yesterday when they got lost, stopped in front of a state police substation, let one person escape and had two car accidents -- including one in which they ran into each other, police said.

The two survived the harrowing ride with only minor injuries, police said.

Arrested were Alex M. Smith and Jeremiah E. Faulkner, both of no fixed address. They were caught after a lengthy chase that ended with a state police dog cornering one man in a Baltimore County apartment complex.

Both were in custody at the Woodlawn precinct yesterday. They were charged with kidnapping, first-degree burglary, armed robbery, armed carjacking, handgun violations, grand theft and first-degree assault, said Baltimore County police spokesman Sgt. Kevin Novak.

The two kidnap victims, Jeffrey E. Washington, 38, and Joy M. Yoder, 42, both of the 2900 block of Ridge Road, declined to comment yesterday.

Police documents give the following account of events:

Washington received a telephone call about 10 p.m. Monday from Smith, who owed him $1,600. Smith told Washington he would repay the loan if Washington would meet him in front of the Marshall's clothing store at Liberty Road and Brenbrook Drive.

When Washington drove his Chevy truck to the parking lot, a man police identified as Smith got in the truck. But instead of giving Washington money, the man pulled out a gun and told Washington to get in the middle part of the seat. A second man, identified by police as Faulkner and called "Pooh" by Smith, got behind the wheel of the truck.

The two men tied Washington's hands with cord and electrical tape, put tape over his mouth and drove to Washington's home. They took him into the house, woke up and tied up Yoder.

The men took Yoder's wallet, a computer and some other items from the house and took Yoder and Washington outside.

Smith and Washington got back into the truck. Faulkner and Yoder got into her 1992 Ford Taurus. The two men drove the cars to Randallstown High School.

In the meantime, Washington had worked his hands free and taken a pocket knife out of his trousers, police said. He tried to stab Smith, but the knife wouldn't go through Smith's coat. The stabbing attempt angered Smith, police said, and he said to the other man, "Let's take them down to Liberty Dam and kill them."

The two-car convoy drove west on Liberty Road but missed the turnoff to the dam and instead drove to Eldersburg.

There, they turned onto Hemlock Drive and pulled around the back of a Maryland State Police substation. Two state police officers were sitting in their cruisers outside the station; Washington saw them and jumped out of the moving truck.

The driver of the truck tried to run Washington down, but missed him and hit the Taurus, Novak said. While Washington began telling the officers what had happened, the driver of the truck abandoned it and got into the Taurus with Yoder and Faulkner, police said. The Taurus pulled away, pursued by the two state police cruisers.

The Taurus, with Yoder and her two captors in it, drove east on Liberty Road.

At Glen Michael Lane and Liberty Road, the Taurus hit a stopped car and skidded through a fence. The tires blew out, Novak said, and the car came to a halt.

The two unbound occupants jumped out and ran, Novak said, leaving Yoder in the car.

Pub Date: 10/29/97

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