Fatigue syndrome isn't a joking matterI read the ''Kudzu...


October 28, 1997

Fatigue syndrome isn't a joking matter

I read the ''Kudzu'' comic in the Oct. 17 Sun, which used chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) in a mock-weather report. Not only does this comic lack humor, it is cruel.

As the largest and most active organization dedicated to conquering chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) or chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS), we feel compelled to respond to this comic. Public knowledge of CFIDS is growing, yet remains painfully limited. CFIDS patients have endured a great deal of skepticism and misunderstanding regarding the illness. Doug Marlette's parody of the illness only serves to reverse the progress that we have made in educating others about the reality of CFIDS.

CFIDS is a complex illness characterized by incapacitating fatigue, neurological problems and a constellation of symptoms that can resemble other disorders such as mononucleosis, multiple sclerosis, Lyme disease, and autoimmune diseases such as lupus. It is a serious disease, recognized by both the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control. It is an illness that causes once vibrant, healthy, productive people to become both physically and neurologically impaired. At present, there is no known cause or cure.

The CFIDS Association of America provides complimentary information about CFIDS to all who inquire. For more information about CFIDS, contact 800-442-3437.

Jennifer J. Windischmann

Charlotte, N.C.

The writer is development and public relations director of The CFIDS Association of America, Inc.

Gary apologizes for comments on judge

Recent statements made by me and reported in this newspaper regarding Administrative Judge Clayton Greene Jr. and the Anne Arundel County court system were a clear demonstration of poor judgment on my part.

While I could make excuses regarding this issue, they would be unacceptable. Judge Greene is a wonderful man and a person whom I admire and respect. I supported his nomination to the bench when it was sent to the governor, and I publicly endorsed him when he stood for election. More importantly, we have begun what I hope will be a life-long friendship and I in no way want my hasty statements to damage that relationship.

To the public, I apologize for my actions. Anne Arundel County has a right to expect its county executive to conduct himself in a more professional manner. While I never promised that I would not make mistakes while in office, I did promise that I would give the people a government that they could be proud of. Therefore, I apologize for not performing to the public's expectations with regard to this issue.

John Gary


The writer is county executive for Anne Arundel County.

Pub Date: 10/28/97

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