A guy night: TNT supplies bullets, brawn and babes

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October 28, 1997|By CHRIS KALTENBACH

You have a movie starring a professional wrestler, Apollo Creed and a Playmate of the Year. You have bullets, brawn and babes in bikinis.

So whaddaya want with plot?

TNT's new movie "Assault on Devil's Island" (8 p.m.-10 p.m. repeats 10 p.m.-midnight and midnight-2 a.m.) is a movie for putting your brain on autopilot and watching things get blowed up real good. By those standards, it's a Rembrandt.

Terry "Hulk" Hogan is Navy SEAL Mike McBride, a big mean hero with a chip on his shoulder -- a traitorous British pal got one of his men killed during a raid on a drug lord. So McBride and fellow SEAL Roy Brown (Carl Weathers) decide to enact some revenge, aided by Shannon Tweed (you'll be amazed at how many uses a DEA agent can find for a bikini).

The bullets start flying when the traitorous Brit takes a group of American gymnasts hostage, demanding the crazed drug lord he works for be released. He's got them holed up in an abandoned fort off the Florida coast (Devil's Island), and it's up to the Hulkster & Co. to save the day. But first, they have to swim through an ocean full of man-eating sharks.

Awesome, man. Call the guys over, pass the beer and make sure the wives stay in the other room.


"The 1997 VH1 Fashion Awards" (9 p.m.-11 p.m., repeats midnight-2 a.m., VH1) -- Music and fashion celebs don their finest -- or most outrageous -- outfits at the annual event featuring musical performances, runway segments and award presentations. Mariah Carey, Linda Evangelista, Elizabeth Hurley and Donna Karen appear along with musical guests Fiona Apple, Jamiroquai, En Vogue and the Rolling Stones. Harry Connick Jr. and Ashley Judd are hosts.

Pub Date: 10/28/97

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