Don't mess with JohnsonI have been a die-hard Orioles fan...


October 26, 1997

Don't mess with Johnson

I have been a die-hard Orioles fan for 36 years. I am now at the crossroads as to whether I should stay an Orioles fan. Since Peter Angelos became owner, he has done an excellent job of putting a winning team on the field. Angelos, Pat Gillick and Kevin Malone should be commended for their work.

However, once again it is October and the Orioles are not in the World Series. Though I am disappointed, I am not going to jump out my office window. We have a good team with a great manager. We had a very good year. Yet Angelos is again playing "let's hang the manager out to dry." While most organizations wish for this kind of success from a manager, Angelos can't even give him a vote of confidence.

Davey Johnson is a winner. I pay good money to see a winning team. Angelos should stop acting like a confrontational lawyer and start acting like a proud owner. Do the right thing and bring Johnson back. Give him an extension on his contract. If Angelos has to play this game with the manager every October, save the stamp on my season tickets.

John J. Darlington


Angelos no expert

I am a more than a little concerned about rumblings of Davey Johnson's demise on the horizon. Peter Angelos, as owner, does have the right to change managers at his discretion. However, being a labor lawyer does not make him or his sons baseball authorities. He has perhaps the best front office in baseball with Pat Gillick and Kevin Malone and without a doubt the best field manager in the game today (check the record books).

Let them do the job they were hired to do.

Angelos' first manager was Phil Regan (Remember him?), and he hired Regan over Johnson. Luckily for us, Johnson was available the following year and didn't hold a grudge over not being selected in '95. Johnson has been here for two seasons and has only led the team to its first back-to-back ALCS appearances since the early '70s. Johnson learned his craft from Earl Weaver and can deliver this city a championship, given the chance. Continuity is a good thing.

Angelos needs to follow, believe it or not, Ted Turner's example when it comes to baseball. Let the men who know the business do their jobs. Rest assured, Bobby Cox and John Schuerholz will not be fired because the Braves didn't make the World Series.

Joe Neuheimer

Perry Hall

Postseason musings

It wasn't supposed to be this way. The ALCS was supposed to be fairly easy for the Orioles. Unfortunately, an arsenal of bad calls, rowdy fans and silly mistakes allowed Cleveland to represent the American League in the World Series.

I read an article in The Sun's Oct. 14 "Orioles Extra" regarding Cleveland pitcher Orel Hershiser. It disappoints me to know that a cheater is able to win so many vital games. Another thing that irked me was the Fox commentators' obvious favoritism toward the Indians, and this was reflected in every game.

In regard to the 15-strikeout game by Mike Mussina, Fox's announcers credited his feat to the sun being in the eyes of the batters. I grew tired of hearing so much about the Indians and nothing about the Orioles. The nicest comment about the Orioles concerned Camden Yards. I thought network broadcasters were supposed to be impartial.

oren Phillips


Camden fans cost O's

After watching the ALCS, I could blame many problems for the Orioles' disappointing series. However, I was more ashamed of the support given by Orioles fans at Camden Yards.

Fans at Yankee Stadium last year and fans in Jacobs Field this year were amazing. They roared, hollered, applauded and cheered every strike thrown, every base hit, every run scored. The Orioles had a chance to recapture the momentum heading home for Game 6, and the fans did not come close to the raucous crowd in Cleveland. That support may have been the difference in the game, considering the Orioles left 14 on base. Worst of all, I feel awful for Mike Mussina and Cal Ripken, who only gave the performance of their lives. Too bad we couldn't return the favors, guys. You deserved it.

James Reid

Greenville, S.C.

Why not have parade?

On Thursday, Oct. 16, the Orioles organization declined an invitation by the city to hold a parade or rally to close the 1997 baseball season. In my opinion, this was an unfortunate decision.

It is unconscionable to permit the season's denouement to overshadow the season as a whole. By denying fans a final rally, we are cheated forever of the opportunity to thank these players for an exhilarating, crazy, bittersweet but spectacular year.

The Sun headline read, "Ballclub says rally not earned this year." My only question is -- not earned by whom?

Alicia Walters Baltimore O's are OK

Yes, the Orioles could have done some things differently to win the ALCS, but they didn't. So, we are stuck with them, and stuck with them we want to be. Let's start cheering them on for next season. Peter Angelos, don't make any hasty decisions. We like the Orioles the way they are.

Phil Brendel


Unhappy ending

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