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October 26, 1997

The taxman: States that are looking to increase their revenue are more likely to tax gasoline and cigarettes than to raise the general sales tax, finds CCH Inc., a financial information company. CCH reports that Arkansas was the only state to raise its sales tax this year, from 4.5 percent to 4.625 percent. But eight states have raised or are raising their cigarette taxes: Alaska, with the biggest increase, 71 cents; Maine, 37 cents; Oregon, 30 cents; Utah and Massachusetts, 25 cents each; Hawaii, 20 cents; New Hampshire, 12 cents; and Rhode Island, 10 cents. Gasoline increases by five states were smaller: Utah, ,, 5.5 cents; Vermont, 4 cents; South Dakota, 3 cents; North Carolina, 0.9 cent; Wisconsin, 0.1 cent.

Marital inflation: The cost of getting married has gone up nearly 21 percent since 1990, reports Bride's magazine. A survey found the average wedding today costs $19,104, compared with $15,208 in 1990. Some of the biggest increases have come in the cost of photography and flowers. And bridegrooms are spending more on engagement rings: from an average of $2,285 in 1990 to $3,044 today.

Pub Date: 10/26/97

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