Teens honored for work in and out of classroom


October 24, 1997|By Lourdes Sullivan | Lourdes Sullivan,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

THERE IS some heartwarming news as the first winds of fall bring chilly temperatures.

Hammond High senior David Heine was selected a National Merit Award Semifinalist last month.

This award is based on a high score on the PSAT, the first round of those oft-dreaded tests required for admission to most colleges.

Congratulations on a fine achievement!

Timothy Cezar has achieved a distinguished rank in a national organization.

He is among the 1 percent of all Boy Scouts who become Eagle Scouts.

The award -- and rank -- represent continuing dedication to Scout ideals, and to the betterment of the community.

Timothy, who graduated from Hammond High School in June and attends Howard Community College, will be presented with his Eagle rank at a Court of Honor tonight. He was instrumental in getting street number signs built and installed in our area so that fire and rescue crews could more easily find a specific address.

Higbee departs

The Patuxent Area Junior Chamber of Commerce laments the departure of Brad Higbee from the office of vice president.

Personal circumstances prevent him from continuing in a position that he really enjoyed. He will be missed by many in the group.

The group welcomes new member Subrotesh Bhattacharya.

The group recently participated in the Race for the Cure, a breast cancer research fund-raiser.

Chris Campedelli and Diane Osbourne completed the 3.1-mile course.

Additional thanks go to Della and Paul Hager and to Debby and Jeff Sweren for their financial support of the walk.

News from Laurel Woods

Laurel Woods Elementary School reports that the Howard County Children's Chorus will be enhanced this year by the vocals of fourth-grader Meredith Hewinson and fifth-graders Ashley Owens and Dorea Schmidt.

Laurel Woods is recruiting Girl Scout leaders. The school has several fourth-grade girls who want to join the Scouts, but there is no one to lead them.

The school is not running the program, but, as a service to the community, it is notifying parents about this opportunity.

To volunteer, call Gina Wilson at 301-490-9625.

The Laurel Woods PTA thanks Nilesh Kansangra for his efforts over the past years on behalf of the school.

He is now sponsoring a coloring contest. The winner will receive a gift certificate to a bookstore.

Kansangra is a dentist, so the drawing should feature good dental hygiene.

Over the years, Kansangra has donated items to the PTA -- including a filing cabinet -- and has volunteered at the school.

The Laurel Woods PTA is sponsoring a student craft club this year.

It is oversubscribed by 50 percent.

So, rather than disappoint the children who did not get into the club because of space limitations, the PTA is planning to open a second club.

The craft club has much community support. Thanks go to the following adult volunteers: Denise Wesolowski and Carla Logan, who organized the club; Karen Harvie and Deidra Owens, for preparing materials for piggy banks; Marwilda Betancourt, for her help with a Halloween project; Lisa Ross, for a trivet project; Carmen Stinson, who provides drinks for each session; Kelly Silverberg, for all her efforts. And thanks, too, to parent helpers Deanne Faughn, Joy Podorski, Susan McAleer, Jashvant Naik, John and Gigi Shaffer, Shannon Cornell, Marilyn Johnson, Shannon Tomchick and Basima Shan.

As a result of their efforts, more than 50 students participate in the craft program.

Pub Date: 10/24/97

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