Prosecutors close murder case suspect hanged himself in cell

October 23, 1997

A first-degree-murder case against a Timonium man who hanged himself in the Carroll County Detention Center has been closed, a deputy state's attorney said yesterday.

John T. Titus, 33, who died Sept. 22, had been accused of raping and murdering Patricia A. Titus, 40, his estranged wife. Her body was found June 2 in a bedroom closet of her Hampstead home.

Tracy A. Gilmore of the state's attorney's office said that after reviewing investigative reports from state police, the Carroll County sheriff and state medical examiner, she concluded that Titus had committed suicide.

Titus, who had been held in isolation since early September and had twice tried to slash his wrists, ripped a strip of cloth from his jumpsuit, tied it to a heating vent in his cell and used it as a noose, police said.

Pub Date: 10/23/97

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