Whitbread update

October 20, 1997

Status: Day 29, Leg 1


Boat ......... Nautical miles to finish

1. EF Language 331.6

2. Merit Cup 431.3

3. Innovation Kvaerner 433.6

4. Silk Cut 759.2

5. Chessie Racing 1,029.2

6. Toshiba 1,143.4

7. America's Challenge 1,198.6

8. Swedish Match 1,315.7

9. EF Education 1,487.2

10. BrunelSunergy 1,585.9 (as of 6: 07 p.m. GMT)

Boat beat: British entry Silk Cut recorded a daily run of 417.2 miles in the last 24 hours, the highest so far in the race. The crew on Chessie Racing is having the ride of its life, and is enjoying some of the best sailing ever aboard the yacht. Watch leader Fuzz Spanhake says "steering Chessie at full speed in complete darkness is scary at best. Only the crew members with nerves of steel need apply." They are still hoping to hold off their nearest rival, Toshiba, which is 117 nautical miles behind but sailing fractionally faster. At the front of the fleet, EF Language has a comfortable lead of 109 nautical miles over Innovation Kvaerner as it charges toward the finish line in Cape Town at 17 knots in good winds. Explains EF Language captain Paul Cayard: "This second low is more intense than the first and we are squarely in front of it. This will push us a good bit of the way home." Based on yesterday's boatspeeds and conditions, the first boat is expected to cross the finish line early tomorrow.

Weather: Cold front passing 35N/0, leaders continue in strong wind.

Note: Information compiled from the Whitbread Round the World Race Web at www.whitbread.org

Pub Date: 10/20/97

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