O's fan in bayouAs a nationally syndicated Pulitzer Prize...


October 19, 1997

O's fan in bayou

As a nationally syndicated Pulitzer Prize winning-editorial cartoonist for the Times-Picayune in New Orleans, my daily life is filled with the giddy excitement of trouncing on the scoundrels who inhabit this soggy bayou. But as a Baltimore native, nothing has made me or my family happier this year than watching our beloved Orioles. Because we couldn't get the Orioles on TV here, we were constantly forced to endure the tedium of following the sports ticker that runs along the bottom of CNN's "Headline News." We spent countless hours on the phone with my parents in Owings Mills chatting and rooting for the Orioles, often calling on the spur of the moment after a brilliant play by Roberto Alomar, Brady Anderson or Cal Ripken.

So don't despair, Orioles fans. The sun will rise again next year for that wonderful team and here in New Orleans, we'll always love the O's. But until then, I'll just have to keep myself busy chasing the swamp rats in the Louisiana state legislature.

Walt Handelsman

New Orleans

Ushers keep Camden quiet

Ken Rosenthal chastises Orioles fans in his column, "Hey, O's fans: Get off phone and get loud" [Oct. 14] for not getting off their derrieres. As one of the several at Game 6 who had this experience, let me inform Rosenthal that at Camden Yards you will be asked to sit down first by an usher, then by a uniformed officer for standing and cheering for your team.

We did not use inappropriate language and we were not being rude. We were just standing and cheering as loud as we could for as long as we could. In my case, that was two outs into the first inning, when the usher came over and told me I had to sit down and quiet down. I will be honest, I told the usher he was out of his mind if he thought I was sitting down at Game 6 with my team facing elimination. That is when I was informed that if I did not sit down, I would be removed from the stadium.

The Orioles and Baltimore cannot have it both ways! If you want the fans to get loud and support the team, then the owners need to make it clear to employees of Camden Yards (and to the fans) that there is nothing wrong with a fan standing and cheering and stop this policy of threatening fans with removal from the game when they do rise to their feet.

David Hildebrand


Gracious winner

I enjoyed The Sun's coverage of the ALCS on your web site. As a lifelong Cleveland-area resident, I, of course, am a die-hard Indians fan and am overjoyed at their American League championship. On the whole, most of us in Cleveland realize that the Indians did not win by beating the Orioles. They won because of heart and taking advantage of strange and unique opportunities. We ache for a World Series champion and have a feeling that despite numerous crushing disappointments in pro sports in Cleveland, this is our year.

Knowledgeable sports fans here understand that the Orioles are a great franchise with a rich and impressive history. It was sad to hear the sour grapes in comments by manager Davey Johnson and catcher Lenny Webster, but we appreciate the class of Cal Ripken, Mike Mussina, Roberto Alomar and others. Winning over such a fine team as the 1997 Orioles makes going on to the World Series even more special for us in Cleveland.

Bill Bartok


Where's the hockey?

As an avid hockey fan, I find your coverage in the early part of the season inadequate. Whatever happened to the NHL summaries The Sun provided in previous years? There is no question that more information can be pulled out of a box score than from the wire reports being presented. Include the box scores and, if space permits, an abbreviated version of the text

of the game.

Ed Smith

Bel Air

O's forgot little things

The reason Cleveland is in the World Series and not the Orioles is that the Orioles stopped doing what got them there -- hitting behind runners, taking the extra base, bunting, clutch hits, and not making mental mistakes. This is why the Yankees won last year and why Cleveland won this year.

As far as the fans go, I believe that standing and screaming for nine innings can stay in Cleveland and New York. If you stand in front of me at a game, I ask you to sit down. If that is the kind of fan the Orioles want, they would drop the price for tickets 75 percent. It's not going to happen. You can bring a cell phone to Camden Yards. Just don't sit in front of me for nine innings talking on it. Watch the game.

Charlie Dorsey


RFK was plenty loud

As a Baltimore native who has attended hundreds of games from 1960 to present, often in the right-field general admission at Memorial Stadium, I understand that Camden Yards presents a different challenge noise-wise. But, I take issue with the constant drumbeat that the Orioles' fan base has changed. Let it be noted that these stuffy Washingtonians are largely the same people who rocked RFK for the Redskins.

Rick Frazier


Fans quiet? O's bats silent

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