After 50 years of 'dumb growth,' time for a changeFunny...


October 19, 1997

After 50 years of 'dumb growth,' time for a change

Funny, the Oct. 13 edition of The Nation ran a feature article on Portland, Oregon that did not sound at all like Frieda Campbell's column on the Opinion*Commentary page (Oct. 13).

That city is vibrant. The number of downtown jobs has doubled since 1971 with no increase in parking spaces, thanks to good public transportation. City and countryside both have benefited from limited urban sprawl and the program is still popular with the public.

We've had "dumb growth" across the country for the past 50 years. It's time to give our governor's "smart growth" plan a try.

Kathryn J. Henderson


Jeffrey Maier's catch? Get over it, Baltimore!

You've just had the best season in many a year, and yet you're unable to get over a 12-year-old kid's interference in last year's American League Championship Series on a ball that one can only speculate as to whether or not it would have been caught.

It's about time that you realize that Jeff Maier did not cost the Orioles the ALCS in 1996. Losing games 3, 4 and 5 in Baltimore did.

Chuck Zaepfel


Pub Date: 10/19/97

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