50 years agoVice Admiral Sir William G. Tennant, an...


October 19, 1997|By Robert M. Pennington from the archives of the Ann Arrundell County Historical Society.

50 years ago

Vice Admiral Sir William G. Tennant, an outstanding British war hero, is paying a courtesy visit to the United States. After a visit in Annapolis, the admiral will motor to Washington for a visit with President Truman. -- The Sun, Oct. 1, 1947.

The Drilled-In Caisson Corp. was the only firm to bid to the State Roads Commission for subsurface explorations for the proposed Chesapeake Bay Bridge crossing between Sandy Point and Kent Island, for $274,100. -- The Sun, Oct. 22, 1947.

Rear Admiral James L. Holloway, Jr., Naval Academy superintendent, has announced that first-class midshipmen may take liberty every other weekend and will be permitted town liberty every afternoon within a seven-mile radius of the academy. -- The Sun, Oct. 23, 1947.

B. Frank Sherman, general manager of the Chesapeake Bay ferry system, reports an increase of more than 75,000 passenger rides on ferry boats during the four hot-weather months for a total of 754,878 passengers. -- The Sun, Oct. 26, 1947.

Pub Date: 10/20/97

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