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October 16, 1997|By Elsa Klensch | Elsa Klensch,Los Angeles Times Syndicate

I recently lost weight, and my husband bought me a long, slim column dress to celebrate. I want to wear it to the big party my boss is giving next month, but I don't know which shoes to buy.

Each time I try on those fashionable high stiletto heels I am afraid to walk, let alone dance.

Do I have to wear stilettos to complete the look?

Designers show stiletto heels with the column dress to emphasize a fashion point, not to force women to wear them. If you wear uncomfortable shoes all evening, you'll show it.

Joan Halpern of Joan & David suggests you look for a shoe with a slim silhouette to balance the new you. "Heel height is not important," she tells me. "The proportion and the symmetry will give you the look you want."

Halpern emphasizes the importance of finding your own style. "The more confident you feel, the more the focus will be on the total you, not on the dress or the shoes."

For my summer vacation from school I stayed with my cousin in L.A. She and her friends are into tattoos and body-piercing.

Against my better judgment I let them talk me into having my nose pierced. My parents are horrified, but I feel that, as I have committed myself, I have to make a statement. What's in fashion, bigger studs or rings?

Rings and studs appear to be equally popular.

As New York jewelry designer Robert Lee Morris points out, nose-piercing is an ancient form of body adornment, not merely fad or fashion: "It is usually linked to primitive peoples in remote corners of the world where body-piercing is often part of the cultural rites of passage.

"In Western industrial societies, nose-piercing is an instant symbol of youthful rebellion, and so at odds with the image of conventional American beauty."

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Pub Date: 10/16/97

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