Rabbi Isadore Twersky,67, a Harvard professor whose...


October 15, 1997

Rabbi Isadore Twersky,67, a Harvard professor whose studies of Jewish literature and medieval intellectual history won him international renown, died in Boston on Sunday after a long illness.

Richard Mason,78, a British novelist whose story of a prostitute, "The World of Suzie Wong," became a best seller and later a popular play and film, died of throat cancer Monday in Rome, where he lived for nearly 40 years, his family said.

Peter Andreoli,78, a former prosecutor who uncovered a college basketball game-fixing scheme and won convictions of corrupt upstate politicians, died in New York on Saturday. He successfully prosecuted a game-fixing scheme that involved 47 college basketball players at 27 schools in 17 states.

Joyce Compton,90, who graced movie screens opposite Cary Grant, Jack Benny and Clara Bow, died Monday in Los Angeles after a long illness.

Lee Chin Koon,94, the father of a former prime minister of Singapore, died Monday in Singapore. His son, Lee Kuan Yew, 74, stepped down as Singapore's prime minister in 1990 after 31 years. He remains in the Cabinet as senior minister without portfolio.

William Webster Lammers,60, a University of Southern California professor who was an expert on presidential politics and policies on the aging, died of colon cancer Oct. 7 in Los Angeles.

Joel Loy,50, a senior correspondent on the syndicated show "Inside Edition," died of cancer Saturday in Rochester, N.Y. In his eight-year tenure with "Inside Edition," he led the news magazine's coverage of the O. J. Simpson trial and also produced features on the Oklahoma City bombing and other major stories.

Jean Pasqualini,71, a translator imprisoned by the Chinese government who later published the first accounts of life inside that country's infamous network of labor camps, died in Paris on Thursday of a stroke.

Robert H. Simon Jr.,35, an editorial writer for the Columbus Dispatch and former speech writer for President George Bush, drowned Sunday in the Atlantic Ocean while vacationing in Palm Beach, Fla.

Pub Date: 10/15/97

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