A wild take on the Old West At a glance

October 15, 1997|By Chris Kaltenbach

In the Old West, according to Showtime, it was bad luck to pick up a dead man's gun. So why keep doing it?

That's one question that goes unanswered in "Dead Man's Gun" (10 p.m.-11 p.m.), an anthology series struggling to bring the West back to TV land -- complete with saucy language and bare-chested ladies (this is cable, after all).

Michael Moriarty and Kate Jackson star tonight, as a ruthless bounty hunter and the woman who wants to see him pay for accidentally killing her son. Moriarty, that most wooden of actors, is well-cast as a cold-hearted killer who doesn't much care for jTC anyone or anything. And Jackson, whose eyes always seem twice as big as the rest of her head, acts appropriately manic, just this side of loony. It's all pretty entertaining, proving there's life in them saloon-towns yet.

Pub Date: 10/15/97

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