4 o'clock starts 'bad for game,' managers agree Shadows leave hitters swinging at little but air

October 13, 1997|By Roch Kubatko

CLEVELAND -- Both managers in the American League Championship Series would like to do away with afternoon games, the kind that drove hitters crazy Saturday because of poor visibility at home plate and also limited players in the field.

The Orioles and Cleveland Indians combined for an LCS-record 33 strikeouts. Mike Mussina set an LCS record with 15 strikeouts, which Florida's Livan Hernandez tied yesterday -- in similar conditions -- in a Game 5 victory over Atlanta in the NLCS.

"I think 4 o'clock starts are bad for baseball," the Orioles' Davey Johnson said. "It's very difficult to hit a baseball, No. 1, and the shadows make it more difficult. Give me 1 o'clock or 8 o'clock."

"I would strongly agree with that," the Indians' Mike Hargrove said, "at least in this ballpark because of the shadows. It's tough to see. It's as close to a no-contest as you can get in the battle between pitchers and hitters.

"We saw the same thing in Game 4 of the [Orioles-Indians] Division Series last year. Charles Nagy struck out 12 guys in six innings here. Same game time."

Pub Date: 10/13/97

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