Whitbread update

October 11, 1997

Status: Day 20, Leg 1


Boat, Nautical miles to finish

1. Innovation Kvaerner, 2,966.9

2. Merit Cup, 2,980.9

3. EF Language, 2987.0

4. Silk Cut, 3,110.0

5. Chessie Racing, 3,136.7

6. Toshiba, 3,326.2

7. America's Challenge, 3,363.1

8. Swedish Match, 3,392.0

9. EF Education, 3,565.1

10. BrunelSunergy, 3,589.3

(as of 6 p.m. GMT)

Boat beat: Innovation Kvaerner skipper Knut Frostad reported yesterday he was "a bit unlucky," after accidently stabbing himself in the eyeball with a steel rod antenna. Frostad, long ago scarred around his right eye, has done more damage, although this time, it's not serious, and a crewman patched the wound. Frostad said the eye was not swollen and that he could see out of it, but will be taking it easy for the next few days. Although the Innovation Kvaerner crew mistakenly left behind all the team's soap and other cleaning items, the boat has a comprehensive medical kit and two trained medics onboard. Frostad is one of them. The medical kit contains a thorough guidebook that "nurse," as Frostad refers to (medic) Alby Pratt, used to treat Frostad. For eye trauma, the guide recommends Amethocaine drops, which contain an anesthetic and are used for eye examinations.

Weather: Decent winds, generally east-southeast or southeast, winds typically at 12-18 knots.

Note: Information compiled from the Whitbread Round the World Race Web at www.whitbread.org

Pub Date: 10/11/97

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