Anderson's groin may be reinjured

October 10, 1997|By Roch Kubatko

Brady Anderson said he might have aggravated a strained groin chasing a fly ball in the fourth inning last night, and again while running to first base and beating an errant throw in the fifth.

Trainer Richie Bancells and manager Davey Johnson checked on him in the fifth. "They just wanted to see if I was going to injure it more by staying out there," said Anderson, who remained in the game.

Anderson took the wrong angle on a long drive by Bip Roberts, caught up to it, then bent over after throwing the ball back to the infield. "The ground out there is just really soft. It gives out there a lot," he said. "Then it grabbed a little bit when I ran to first on that error. It's just hurting.

"It was already kind of strained before. I don't have any fear about it, but I don't know if it's going to get worse or not. I just want to keep playing. If it blows, it blows."

Pub Date: 10/10/97

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