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October 10, 1997|By Julius Westheimer

Do you want a weekly stream of dividend checks?

The following list, from the Dick Davis Income Letter, provides 52 checks a year, arriving one week apart. On a $100,000 investment, you'll receive weekly income of about $100, for a yield of 4.9 percent. Many of these firms raise dividends often, keeping you ahead of inflation. The list is dotted with utilities, and includes two real estate investment trusts, a Baby Bell, two natural gas companies, a water utility and one Big Three auto stock.

The companies are: American Water Works, Bell Atlantic, Duke Energy, Federal Realty, Ford, GPU, Nipsco, Northern States Power, Peoples Energy, Questar, Southern Co., Weingarten Realty and Western Respouces.

CANDLES & CAKE: Here is a financial checklist of milestone birthdays: Age 1: Unless your child is born in December, he or she must have a Social Security number to be claimed on your next tax return.

Age 14: When your children hit this milestone, their income can no longer be included on your tax return.

Age 21: Now your child becomes an adult, meaning he or she takes full control of money received under gifts-to-minors accounts.

Age 50: If you are a widow or widower and are disabled, this is earliest age at which you can start collecting Social Security survivor's retirement benefits.

SURGE STRATEGY: "Does Wall Street's surge frighten you? Proposals to relieve your tensions: Stop adding to your stocks; use the money to pay off debts; cash in stocks you might sell soon; make sure your portfolio hasn't grown too risky.

"If you invest regularly -- a fine strategy -- begin an automatic investment plan where money is yanked from your bank account monthly and put in a mutual fund. This way you'll probably stick with your program if stocks tumble." (Wall Street Journal.)

TAKE YOUR CHOICE: "Intel is The One Stock That Will Drive Tomorrow's Market and Boost Your Portfolio." (Headline on 60-page cover story in Worth magazine, November.) "Intel: The Feds are loaded for bear. This time, the trustbusters may have the right ammunition." (Business Week, Oct. 13.)

OUCH! "In the next eight to 10 years, the Dow [Jones industrial average] will return to its 70-year norm of 1.82 times book value. If book value stays the same, a move from the current 5.5 times book implies a 67 percent decline in the Dow." (Stock Market Cycles.)

QUICKIES: "Congress passed first real capital gains tax reduction in 20 years. Taxes on long-term profits will be taxed in new and different ways." (Maryland Public TV Guide.)

"Volatility can be your friend. Cut your losses short. Sell losers, hold winners. Today's volatile market is a perfect environment for this." (Bill Berger, founder, Berger Funds.)

Pub Date: 10/10/97

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