Hadassah Rosensaft,85, a Polish Holocaust survivor who is...

Death Elsewhere

October 09, 1997

Hadassah Rosensaft,85, a Polish Holocaust survivor who is credited with helping save hundreds of Jewish inmates at Auschwitz and who testified against the concentration camp's commandants, died in New York on Friday of liver failure. Her liver disease was caused by malaria and hepatitis she contracted at Auschwitz, said her son Menachem.

Aware that sick inmates often were ordered to the gas chambers at Auschwitz, Dr. Rosensaft, a dentist, sent them out of the infirmary and told camp officials they were healthy.

Yevgeny Khaldei,80, a veteran photographer whose picture of Soviet soldiers hoisting the red flag over the Reichstag in Berlin is one of the best-known images of World War II, died Monday in Moscow after a long illness.

E. W. "Ab" Lampson,93, a longtime Ohio newspaper publisher and editor who also served in the Ohio Legislature, died Sunday in Punta Gorda, Fla. As a member of the Ohio House for 10 years, he helped create the first state income tax, enacted in 1970.

Gumpei Yokoi,56, who designed Nintendo Co.'s Game Boy, a hand-held video game popular with youngsters worldwide, was killed in a traffic accident Saturday about 215 miles northwest of Tokyo.

Pub Date: 10/09/97

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