Musical Interlude at City Hall

October 09, 1997

Imagine an audience that walks, makes noise, distracts the performer and then walks away. That was Mark Simons' audience yesterday in the rotunda of City Hall, where he performed classical guitar pieces. Every plink-plink-plink of Simons' six-string guitar had to compete with clanging keys, clopping shoes and the not-so-hushed chatter of people walking by.

"It's a very delicate instrument with limited dynamic range," Simons said of his guitar. He said that playing under such circumstances was "a challenge to the concentration."

Most people walked past, gave a cursory glance and kept walking.

"I came here to spend an hour listening to good music," said Jyoti Kumta, who works in the city's legal department. "It was great."

Pub Date: 10/09/97

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