Williams Learning granted a state loan


October 09, 1997

The state Board of Public Works has approved a $309,000 loan to help a Montgomery County high-technology company purchase equipment for expansion.

Williams Learning Network Inc., which provides interactive computer-based training in safety, maintenance and operational procedures to industry, said it plans to use the loan to buy equipment and machinery.

The state-aided expansion effort should cause the current staff of 85 to be increased by up to 51 new employees, Williams Learning said.

The company is investing about $1.2 million of its own money in the project.

The project involves renovating a 52,000-square-foot office site in Rockville where Williams is consolidating operations into a new headquarters.

The loan is being made under the Maryland Industrial and Commercial Redevelopment Fund, managed by the Department of Business and Economic Development.

Montgomery County said it has also agreed to provide Williams with a loan for the expansion project so that high-technology jobs could be created and retained.

Pub Date: 10/09/97

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