Volunteers deserve thanks after plane crashLiving so close...


October 06, 1997

Volunteers deserve thanks after plane crash

Living so close to the ''stealth'' fighter crash site, I have been able to witness the dedication of all the groups involved.

It is the dedication of these groups of volunteers which gives me great pride at being a member of this community.

It was because of the quick response of the Bowleys Quarters fire department, Air National Guard and all the other fire stations in the area that this tragic event was quickly contained and extinguished.

I have seen the forgotten heroes, the people who helped restore a life of normalcy to the people most affected by this accident. Setting up an operation center at the Bowleys Quarters fire station, the Red Cross got the families into hotels, assisted in their immediate needs and followed up with continual services when needed or asked for.

A group of volunteers who also went way beyond what so many of us would ever give of our time, known mostly by the firemen, is the Central Alarmers.

They spent over one week at the site, giving aid to all the agencies involved with this plane crash.

It is for me and my family a heartwarming feeling to see all these different groups, mostly volunteers, dedicated to the care and protection of others.

I hope the Chamber of Commerce, which sponsored this air show which ended so tragically in my neighborhood, will not walk away from its obligation.

They need to give all proceeds from this event to the volunteer groups, agencies and to the families whose houses are destroyed.

These groups deserve more than what the Chamber of Commerce could ever give. The volunteers who make up the fire departments, the Central Alarmers, the Red Cross and the other groups and agencies are the strength of our neighborhoods.

We should not forget what these people, our neighbors, do for us when this accident is all but forgotten.

Thank you for being there for us when we needed you.

Thomas Lehner


The writer is president of the Bowleys Quarters Improvement Association.

Challenge Helms on advice and consent

''Advise and consent'' in our Constitution under no circumstance can mean refusal to hear and vote upon.

Accordingly, no senatorial committee chairman, including the ''know it all'' Jesse Helms, can refuse to have a hearing and vote on a legal appointment of our president.

Since it would be beyond the financial means of an ordinary citizen to pursue this issue through the courts for eventual decision by our Supreme Court, why not have one of our many citizens' groups which are funded by charitable contributions of our voters take it upon itself to conduct such action?

Caleb R. Kelly Jr.


Child support's a fiasco, all right

I am in the same position as Kathy Schatz, the author of the letter ''Who's responsible for fiasco of Maryland child support?'' (Sept. 20).

Months and months have gone by with absolutely no monetary assistance for a little girl whose father has chosen not to work -- or I should say to ''show an income.''

My daughter and I are struggling to just keep up with the basics and this father has a track record of earning a very healthy income, and the ''system'' allows him to continue as though it is everyone's responsibility except his.

What is the answer to Ms. Schatz' question, ''Who is in charge of this department and why has this fiasco been allowed to happen?''

E. Jean Hovey


Was it a knife or was it a gun?

The Sun's front-page article Sept. 28 is headlined ''Three people found slain'' and sub-headlined ''Apparent stabbings occurred in rowhouse on Park Heights Ave.''

The continuation of the article on page 6A shows a map of the area and the location of the house where the slayings occurred. Interestingly, the highlighted site pointer reads, ''Site of shootings.''

Did I miss something in this article? Nowhere does it indicate that gunshots were heard; your front page indicates ''apparent stabbings.''

Which is it? Was someone shot with a knife, or did your editors miss this obvious inconsistency; or, was this a subliminal attempt on the part of The Sun to again blame guns?

Bernie Taube

Ellicott City

Worry about chicken instead of the seafood

I find it somewhat ironic that Marylanders have imposed their own moratorium on eating Maryland seafood, due to Pfiesteria hysteria.

Perhaps instead we should stop eating the chicken.

D. Ebbert

Bel Air

Don't connect victory, drinking

Why did The Sun feel it necessary to give prominent display (both the front page of The Sun Sept. 25 and that of the sports section) to pictures of Oriole players celebrating their division title by being doused with champagne?

It's bad enough that in this day and age, when professional sports organizations are trying to give the public the impression of social responsibility by their stance against drug use, that a scene like this should be publicly taking place.

Worse yet is that The Sun should feel that it is a scene worthy of such a large amount of coverage. Is this the impression that we want to give our youth: that alcohol and sports are one? While ''drowning'' a teammate with champagne has become a tradition in major league sports when celebrating a great victory, I am not so sure that our youth can so easily disassociate the two.

Robert Como


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