Baby Calvin, baby Camden Winners: Dates, weddings, births, anniversary trips all revolve around the mighty Orioles. Even the suits were stomping.

October 06, 1997

The Fan knew yesterday was a special day when:

* She met Calvin Dempsey Blevins, 9 months -- and learned yesterday's game was the first game he made it through all nine innings.

"Normally we have to leave in the seventh inning," said Dad Bob, as his wide-eyed baby in orange pinstripes popped his head out of the stroller to see what was going on.

His parents were trying to wheel him across Russell Street after the game, but the cars were bumper to bumper with their horns honking loudly -- this time not in impatience to get home, but in celebration of the Orioles winning the division series. An orange foam Number One finger waved out of the sunroof of a red car.

"He's named after our two favorite Orioles," said Mom Dordie (short for Dorothy). "We met another baby in the stands today named Ripken Robinson -- for Jackie."

Despite the Orioles division victory and Calvin Dempsey's personal best record for consecutive innings without wailing to go home, this was only the Blevins' second best game of all time.

"We got married the day Cal broke the record," Bob said.

"Sept. 6, 1995," Dordie said. "We got married at the courthouse, and afterward came to the game. It was a wedding present."

"Tell her what you want to name our next baby if it's a girl," Bob said.

"Camden Delaney," Dordie said. "And we would call her Cammie."

* Even the dead zone -- the club level -- rocked. You could actually feel the overhang bearing the club box seats shake from almost the first inning on as the usually staid crowd in the expensive seats stomped and cheered. Presumably, the whole lotta shakin didn't disturb the people inside, in the air-conditioned, carpeted, hotel-lobby-like womb from the football game they were watching on TV.

* It really was like a movie.

When the last out came, everything went into slow motion. Black and orange confetti suddenly appeared, suspended in the warm, thick air like snowflakes, swirling above and taking seemingly forever to come down. The Fan heard screams from somewhere far away, and turned to look, but it turned out they came from The Fan herself.

She high-fived three little blond girls dancing in the aisles. They were the Thomas sisters: Victoria, ("I've been an O's fan forever, which is 12 years"), Rebecca, 10, ("I'd like to say hello to my cousin in Maine") and Annie, 6, (too busy scrambling for confetti to comment).

All three high-fived Dana and Gregory Haskins, the couple who sat behind them. Dana, in orange lipstick, and Gregory, dancing to the "Wild Nights" playing over the sound system, had left the Ravens game before it ended to get to Camden Yards.

"We changed in the car from our Ravens shirts to our Orioles shirts," Dana said, "and from my purple pom pons to my orange and black ones.

"It's been a great year all around: We had our fifth anniversary this year, and spent it in the Dominican Republic, where Geronimo Berroa is from."

Meanwhile, down the row, even Chris Pernia had to love this game. Chris and his girlfriend, Lorena Miller, came up from Fredericksburg, Va., with no tickets. Lorena wanted to see Brady Anderson and, well, Chris wanted to make Lorena happy.

"We got here at 3," said Lorena, "and at 3: 05 we got tickets."

$75 each, same as what Ed Forer of Chicago, in the seats next to them, said he paid for them.

"It came with peanuts," Chris said with a shrug.

"It was worth it," said Lorena, as Chris, who actually paid for the tickets, raised his eyebrows skeptically.

But then he reconsidered, and brightened.

"Did you know Brady struck out four times?"

The Fan knew yesterday was a special day when:

* Brendan Majev, 8, of Lutherville told her so.

"It's pretty special to be here when the Orioles win the division series," Brendan says. "It's just hard to 'splain why. Just, GO O'S!!!"

Pub Date: 10/06/97

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