150 years ago in The SunOct. 6: FEVER AND AGUE -- Fever is...

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October 05, 1997|By Fred Rasmussen

150 years ago in The Sun

Oct. 6: FEVER AND AGUE -- Fever is always caused by a disorder of the blood, struggling to free itself of something that encumbers it; in fact, every kind of fever is nothing more than a struggle between the blood and corrupt humors, and as soon as the corrupt humors are expelled you have no more fever.

100 years ago in The Sun

Oct. 9: DEATH FROM CIGARETTES -- Mr. Wm. Joseph Bandell, son of Mr. John H. Bandell, died yesterday at 1 o'clock at his home, 437 North High Street, aged twenty-six years. Since a boy, Mr. Bandell had been a constant smoker of cigarettes and this is said by his parents to have caused his death, or to have contributed to it.

50 years ago in The Sun

Oct. 6: Washington, Oct. 5 -- The nation was called upon tonight, in a broadcast by President Truman and other top government officials, to join a voluntary belt-tightening crusade for the specific purpose of keeping Western Europe afloat as a bulwark against the spread of Communism.

Pub Date: 10/05/97

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