Munir Bashir, 67, an Iraqi musician whose use of the oud...

Deaths Elsewhere

October 04, 1997

Munir Bashir, 67, an Iraqi musician whose use of the oud, a pear-shaped stringed instrument, promoted Arabic music around the world, died of a heart attack Monday in Cairo, Egypt.

Hector Julio Paride Bernabo, 86, the Brazilian artist known for colorful paintings of Afro-Brazilian religious cults, died Wednesday. Better known by his nickname, Carybe, Paride Bernabo died in the northeastern city of Salvador, where he had lived for more than 45 years.

Virginia A. Dwyer, 76, a former senior vice president at American Telephone & Telegraph Co.. and one of the first women to reach the top ranks of a major U.S. company, died of cancer Monday in New York.

Jerome H. Lemelson, 74, a prolific and independent inventor who used royalties from his bar code scanner technology to endow an annual $500,000 inventions prize, died of liver cancer Wednesday in Los Angeles.

Joseph E. Newman, 64, who for 38 years was a carpenter to finance his Christian missionary work in Guatemala, Cuba, Brazil, Haiti and the prisons of Georgia, died of lymphoma Tuesday in Atlanta.

Lorena Showers,93, who went from waitress to president of the Alaska Hotel and Restaurant Employees Union, died Sunday in Anchorage.

Pub Date: 10/04/97

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