Failed candidate, wife swap accusations Police answer 5 calls reporting domestic violence at Jones' home

October 02, 1997|By TaNoah Morgan | TaNoah Morgan,SUN STAFF

Recent assault charges filed against failed Annapolis mayoral candidate Sylvanus Jones by his wife are part of a series of charges and countercharges of domestic violence in the two weeks since the election, according to court documents.

Annapolis police have been called to the Joneses' house in the first block of Bausum Drive to settle disturbances five times since Mr. Jones finished third in the Democratic mayoral primary Sept. 16, records show.

Mr. Jones' wife, Josefina Jones, 43, filed complaints with a District Court commissioner charging her husband with assault Sept. 24 and Sunday.

Tuesday, Mr. Jones filed a countercomplaint, charging that his wife pushed, kicked and stabbed him with keys.

Records indicate that no criminal charges have been placed against Mrs. Jones, but District Judge James W. Dryden will hear both sides of the argument Monday in a domestic violence hearing.

Mr. Jones' complaint came two days after police served him with a court order prohibiting him from contacting his wife. In his complaint, he asked that the court order Mrs. Jones to stay away from the house and to refrain from contacting him. Dryden honored the request.

Police helped Mrs. Jones remove her clothes from the house late Monday.

Mr. Jones, 69, said in his complaint that while in a vehicle last Thursday, his wife slid to the driver's seat, "kicking, punching, and threatening me with violence, stating she was calling the police if I did not let her drive."

Mr. Jones said that two days later, Mrs. Jones, who weighs 115 pounds, "started punching and stabbing me with a car key," while he and a passenger were in a truck, according to the documents.

L Mrs. Jones, 43, remembers the Thursday incident differently.

"Sept. 25, he intentionally knelt on my lower left thigh so I get hurt and get out of the car," she wrote in her application for the court order.

She said that her husband, who is 5 feet 10 and weighs 180 pounds, has punched her in the arm and also "created a slight bruise or wound on my right upper thumb," the documents show.

Mrs. Jones told officers last week that "her husband has been abusive to her and she fears for her safety," according to a police report.

Mrs. Jones has charged her husband criminally with three counts of assault stemming from incidents within the past two weeks. Police have been called to the house five times in that period to calm disturbances, records show.

Mrs. Jones wrote in her statement seeking criminal assault charges that her husband has forbidden her "to speak to neighbors, to confide in friends, to attend his church, to attend functions, to have visitors or to associate with friends. I am afraid to disobey him, assert my rights or leave him bec. he might have me deported or interrupt the processing of my children's applications to immigrate to the U.S."

Mrs. Jones, who is Filipino, said her husband showed no signs of abusiveness during their four months of dating. They have been married seven months, she said.

"He was nice to me before, he was sincere," she said. "He brought me to fine places for dating."

Mr. Jones could not be reached for comment.

Neighbors said they did not have much contact with the couple and had not heard any disturbances at the white, colonial-style house on a hilltop off Forest Drive.

They said they did not know Mr. Jones was married until they saw campaign literature with a picture of his family.

Pub Date: 10/02/97

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