Christmas pears will be appearing in supermarketsComice...


October 01, 1997|By Elizabeth Large

Christmas pears will be appearing in supermarkets

Comice pears should be appearing in the supermarket any day now. These are the mail-order Christmas pears -- a real bargain when you get them locally, even if they are more expensive than other varieties. They are extremely fragile and may look bruised and unappealing in the market, but usually the blemishes are only skin deep.

Don't try to cook with these sweet, juicy beauties; they turn to mush. But they are a superb dessert pear, particularly with soft ripening or bleu cheeses. Or serve them with nuts and port or sherry.

Orange power

We're pretty sure orange juice is good for a cold. Two studies from the Centre for Human Nutrition at the University of Western Ontario suggest it may also help fight breast cancer and high cholesterol. In the breast-cancer study, researchers tested the ability of orange and grapefruit juice to inhibit human breast-cancer cells in mice. Tumors and metastases were reduced by half. In the second study, test animals fed orange juice had LDL, or "bad" cholesterol, reduced by 43 percent, while grapefruit juice produced a 32 percent reduction.

Rockfish cooks!

Are you willing to stake $10 on how good your rockfish recipe is? That's the entry fee for the Maryland Rockfish Celebration Cooking Contest, sponsored by the Maryland Watermen's Association. The payoff is a prize of $500, $350 or $200. Recipes are judged on taste, predominance of rockfish, originality and attractiveness. Call 410-841-5820 for more information.

Pub Date: 10/01/97

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