A convenient approximation of a Maryland favorite


October 01, 1997|By Maria Hiaasen

* Item: Maryland Style Seafood Inc. Crab Cakes

* What you get: 18 ounces (6 crab cakes)

* Cost: $14.99

* Preparation time: 15 minutes

* Review: You won't confuse these with the genuine article. Packed and prepared by Gibby's Seafood Restaurant in Timonium, these are not made from jumbo lump crab meat like the crab cakes the restaurant serves. Au contraire. These thin crab and pollock patties -- which tasted like deviled crab -- are meant as a cheaper, prepare-at-home alternative, says a Gibby's spokesman. I'll say this: They browned quickly (broiling isn't recommended), but I'd serve them only in a sandwich and with a dash of lemon and Old Bay. They can be found at selected Mars Supermarkets.

Pub Date: 10/01/97

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