Best and worst

September 30, 1997|By Ken Murray

Biggest blunder: Packers QB Brett Favre throwing an interception from his knees after getting tripped by OG Aaron Taylor in the second quarter. Detroit LB Reggie Brown batted the ill-advised pass once, caught the carom and raced 45 yards to a go-ahead touchdown in the Lions' 26-15 upset.

Best performance in a supporting role: Marcus Allen, the 37-year-old RB who serves as Greg Hill's backup and short-yardage runner, brought the Chiefs back from a 10-0 deficit to beat the Seahawks, 20-17, in overtime. Allen, set to retire after his 16th NFL season, rushed 19 times for 78 yards and two touchdowns.

Worst impersonation of a quarterback: Given the Bears' starting job two weeks ago, Rick Mirer has produced just two field goals in losses of 31-3 and 27-3. Best special teams play: Deion Sanders dazzled the Bears with an 83-yard punt return for a Dallas touchdown, then looked like he was getting electric-shock treatments in the end zone.

Worst special teams play: Eagles punt returner Mark Seay's attempt to field a bouncing kick on his own 12 in the third quarter against Minnesota. The ball ricocheted off Seay's hands and face mask, and was recovered by the Vikings at the 16. Two plays later, the Vikings had a 21-13 lead.

Best fake of the day: Faced with fourth-and-16 at their 31, the Bucs called a fake punt and had Tommy Barnhardt throw a pass to Tony Bouie for 25 yards. The play set up a second-quarter touchdown, and enabled the Bucs to win a game they shouldn't have against Arizona.

Most pointless rule: The NFL banned the removal of helmets on the playing field this season, ostensibly to keep Cowboys RB Emmitt Smith from yanking off his in the end zone every time he scored. Turns out the rule was unnecessary. Smith, scoreless in his last six regular-season games, doesn't go there anymore.

Best sideline tantrum: Tie, between Detroit coach Bobby Ross and Ravens coach Ted Marchibroda. Ross raged when officials failed to detect Green Bay with 12 players on the field. Marchibroda flailed about in protest over the reversal of a fumble call that would've precluded San Diego's winning touchdown.

Worst sideline decorum: Eagles QB Ty Detmer and RB Ricky Watters engaged in a heated discussion after Watters made a half-hearted stab at another of Detmer's poorly thrown passes in a 28-19 loss to Minnesota.

Pub Date: 9/30/97

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