Oct. 2-5 International Antique & Classic Boat Society...


September 29, 1997

Oct. 2-5 International Antique & Classic Boat Society, Renaissance Harborplace. Contact: Tab Miller, 1-202-636-9289. Expected attendance: 100

Oct. 6-10 National Institute of Standards & Technology computer security conference, Convention Center. Contact: Sara Torrence, 1-301-975-2774. Expected attendance: 2,000

Oct. 10-16 Master Brewers Association of the Americas, Hyatt Regency. Contact: Cathy Beug,1-414-774-8558. Expected attendance: 900

Oct. 13-17 BT Alex. Brown & Sons technology seminar, Renaissance Harborplace. Contact: Katherine Kreiger, 410-783-5355. Expected attendance: 550

Pub Date: 9/29/97

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