75 years agoCharles Scandalis, well-known in this city and...


September 28, 1997|By Compiled from the archives of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

75 years ago

Charles Scandalis, well-known in this city and having been employed at the Maryland Lunch Room, was shot and killed at Fair Haven, N.J. about a week ago. Scandalis was employed as a general prohibition agent and had charge of New York and New Jersey states until a short time ago. Before being a prohibition officer, he was a bootlegger and accumulated a fortune of $250,000, according to the administrators of his estate. He was killed by his chauffeur, Chas. Papas, who demanded his pay from Scandalis, which was five weeks overdue. He also remembered his secretary by leaving him $50,000. Scandalis was arrested at the Hotel Belvedere, Baltimore, a few years ago as the head of a bootlegging ring and was held under bail for securing liquor from McGinnis Distillery, near Carroll, under fake permits. -- Democratic Advocate, September 22, 1922.

Pub Date: 9/30/97

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