Clock is timed by style Antiques: Mission design suggests manufacture around 1910. The maker is unknown.

September 28, 1997|By Ralph Kovel and Terry Kovel | Ralph Kovel and Terry Kovel,KING FEATURES SYNDICATE

I have a Mission-style wooden wall clock with an eight-day wind and a brass pendulum. Pasted on the back is a label with printed instructions and the name "The National Clock & Mfg. Co., Chicago, Ill." What can you tell me about it?

The plain, rectangular Mission style dates your clock to about 1910. The National Clock & Manufacturing Co. in Chicago sold clocks but did not manufacture them. It sold clocks made by some famous companies, including Ingraham and Sessions.

I have a figurine of three little girls in Dutch costumes. Their dresses are decorated with a windmill design. On the bottom of the figurine is the word "Delft." What can you tell me about the figurine?

Delft is a tin-glazed pottery that has been made since the 17th century. It is decorated with blue on white or with colored trimmings. Most of the pieces sold today were made in Holland after 1891. These pieces are marked with "Holland" and the factory mark. Pottery marked with the word "delft" alone -- such as your piece -- were usually made in other countries.

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Pub Date: 9/28/97

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