Mind chromatic boundaries when mixing bright colors

September 25, 1997|By Elsa Klensch | Elsa Klensch,Los Angeles Times Syndicate

I don't think my wardrobe bothered her before we were married, but my new bride now complains that the colors I mix are so flashy they give her a headache.

I love the look and I'm not eager to change the way I dress just to please her. To get her off my back, however, I am willing to compromise.

How can I wear strong, bright colors and still be in style?

I posed your question to Italian designer Kean Etro whose fall collection shows ways to layer with strong colors and patterns.

He's all for adding spice to a man's wardrobe, and for Etro the stronger the color the better:

"The key to mixing colors is to stay within the same chromatic boundaries. Two of my favorite colors for fall and winter are orange, which suggests enthusiasm, and red, which promotes fiery emotion. The combination can be strong and modern."

Etro favors experimenting with ties and shirts in different patterns. "The more mix-and-match in print and texture the better."

I run a successful small catering business in Chicago, specializing in home-style American cooking. Last week I was asked to do a televised gala Christmas dinner.

The problem is not the cooking, it's my face. I never wear makeup in the kitchen because I have oily skin and it tends to cake. Even worse, when I get nervous my face turns beet red.

I'm afraid I will look like a monster under the studio lights. Help!

If there is one thing I have learned in my 17 years reporting on style for CNN, it's that the camera likes people with high energy.

So be confident, keep your spirits up and your enthusiasm will win your audience.

To answer your question, do avoid too much makeup.

Cary Greco of the Scandinavian beauty company Face Stockholm suggests you apply a water-based, oil-free, matte liquid foundation with a sponge, making sure to cover any blemishes.

"This will also stop any redness showing. As for shine, lightly dust your face with loose powder to set the foundation.

"To complete the look add a scrumptious fall lipstick in a tone that suits you."

Also keep that box of powder near you. During breaks you can powder again to keep the shine under control.

Pub Date: 9/25/97

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