September 25, 1997|By J.D. Considine

On one level, Third Eye Blind is a typical rock combo, with a singer fronting a guitar, bass and drums lineup. But there's nothing standard-issue about the way the band applies that instrumentation. Part of that stems from the fact that Third Eye Blind has mastered the art of making less sound like more, fleshing out its arrangements with enough textural interest and rhythm energy to make its three pieces sound almost orchestrally immense.

But it's the writing that really makes a difference, and songs like "Burning Man" and the exuberant, hook-filled "Semi-Charmed Life" suggest that this San Francisco quartet will end up with more than a semi-charmed career.

The concert is Tuesday, Sept. 30, 8 p.m. at Bohager's, 515 S. Eden St. Tickets are $14. Call 410-563-7220 for information, 410-481-6327 for tickets.

Pub Date: 9/25/97

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