Ernest J. Parham,93, whose testimony 71 years after a...

Deaths Elsewhere

September 24, 1997

Ernest J. Parham,93, whose testimony 71 years after a massacre of blacks in Rosewood, Fla., helped survivors collect compensation, died of a stroke Saturday in Orlando, Fla.

Mr. Parham was a witness to five days of violence that wiped out the black community in northern Florida in 1923. As an 18-year-old, he stumbled across a white mob stringing a black man, Sam Carter, from a tree in an attempt to gain information about the alleged rape of a white woman.

Someone in the mob shot and killed Mr. Carter, triggering the violence that destroyed the community of about 120 people. At least six blacks and two whites died. Almost every building was burned.

Survivors fought a legal battle that ended in 1995 when the Florida Legislature voted to pay nine survivors $2 million. Mr. Parham testified at hearings in 1994 that led lawmakers to pass a precedent-setting compensation plan.

Matt Christopher,80, author of the best-selling "Lucky Baseball Bat" and other children's books, died of brain tumors Saturday in Rock Hill, S.C.

Thomas George Thomas,88, a Welsh schoolmaster who became a popular and colorful speaker of the House of Commons, died of throat cancer Monday in Cardiff, Wales.

Chiang Wego,80, the adopted son of Chiang Kai-shek and a high ranking commander in the army before retiring from the military in the 1980s, died of kidney disease Monday in Taipei, Taiwan.

The Rev. John Seldon Whale,100, a distinguished theologian and Congregationalist preacher, died Sept. 17 in London. One of his best-known works, "Christian Doctrine," published in 1941, was based on his series of lectures at Cambridge University.

Pub Date: 9/24/97

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